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Savvis allows you to build on solid enterprise cloud.

If you are looking into cloud solutions for your organization, and have already started investigating cloud compute providers and solutions, make sure to put Savvis at the top of your list. Savvis is positioned as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and Web Hosting.

Building on our experience managing enterprise-class utility hosting, Savvis offers a suite of cloud solutions that will turn even more control and cost savings over to you.

Savvis Symphony cloud services represent an important leap forward for companies that want to leverage virtualized utility hosting across a more flexible and more reliable environment. Savvis Symphony cloud services are trusted by many of the largest and most exacting companies on earth.

They know that because Savvis controls every aspect of the "cloud computing supply chain" from its 31 world-class data centers worldwide to the actual backbone your data will run on, Savvis can deliver more reliable uptime statistics than any other cloud computing provider.

If it's important for you to have reliable performance, up-time and infinite scalability, it's smart to consider Savvis.

Savvis Symphony delivers.

Savvis Symphony cloud computing solutions allow you to spend more time building your business and less time maintaining your IT infrastructure, Savvis knows how to help. Through a flexible, easy-to-use cloud interface, Savvis Symphony delivers cost savings, high performance, scalability and security. Combined with our global data center footprint and leading network connectivity, there is simply no better enterprise-class cloud solution.

Rapidly deploy capacity without capital investments. Reshape your environment on demand. Manage server instances easily through a Web portal interface. And Savvis offers you the flexibility to have your own dedicated private cloud environment or you can simply add fractional resources on our public cloud compute platforms.

Savvis Cloud elevates the customer experience to a whole new level.

Get complete control and enjoy complete utilization.

Adding compute and storage resources has never been easier. Simply go to the SavvisStation Portal to control your Savvis cloud environment online and on demand. Deploy additional compute resources when you need them in minutes so that you always have capacity to accommodate fluctuating business demands. With Symphony, you can ensure a right-sized cloud computing environment that doesn't sacrifice on security or performance.

Need flexible solutions for your agile enterprise. Savvis flexes with you.

Savvis Symphony provides flexible, agile hosting environments that can be right-sized to fit any need — from test and development servers to high-demand Web environments. You choose between the needs of a public or private environment and Savvis manages the rest. Security, OS management, patches, and availability SLAs are all covered by one of the most respected teams in the industry.

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With bulletproof infrastructure and world-class management, Savvis serves you better.

Security starts with the enterprise-grade infrastructure behind your Savvis Symphony solution. Every Savvis data center is a world-class hosting facility, designed to power, cool and connect the servers that deliver your applications.

Security doesn't end at the infrastructure level. We offer a robust portfolio of flexible and scalable managed security offerings that can be added to your managed hosting solution to provide protection against threats to your environment. Our fully managed suite of security solutions includes managed firewall, network intrusion detection (NIDS), email and Web protection services and DDoS mitigation.

And even though we've extended a great deal of control to you in the SavvisStation Portal, we have already implemented the kind of safeguards and precautions designed to protect against user error or unauthorized changes.

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Savvis cloud solutions allow to you work smart, fast and with total confidence.

Savvis Symphony enables your IT staff to easily deliver the highest levels of performance to your end users and customers without adding complexity to your infrastructure management.

No sprawling, dedicated servers. Flexible terms to add or remove instances to our open cloud or your dedicated cloud. On a true utility platform, you can ensure a right-sized computing environment that doesn't sacrifice on security or performance. Savvis lets you shift resources where you need them, when you need them, and turn them off when you don't.

Savvis Symphony Advantages

Control over your environment
Right-sized computing
Agile infrastructure
Flexible business terms
On-demand service provisioning
Enterprise-class infrastructure
Dedicated and Open (multi-tenant) infrastructure expertise
Highly scalable
High Availability (up to 99.9% SLA)
Resource balancing
Multi-OS environment support
Virtualization by VMware®
Superior Support
24 x 7 monitoring and proactive event notifications
Certified and qualified support personal

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Gartner Recognition

Savvis is positioned as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and Web Hosting